Automation Testing

Every time software code is modified, it must to be tested to ensure quality. With increasing codebase and added functionality, manual testing turns laborious, inefficient and costly. Automation testing helps automate highly repetitive test cases to provide testing coverage on core business processes, cutting costs by up to 40% and reduce test times by at least 20% or more.

Automation testing is for every organisation creating apps across web, mobile or enterprise desktop platforms that require frequent manual testing.

Benefits of Automation:

Cost Effective: Reduce overall cost as less involvement of manual work.

Time Effective: Reduce time due to testing speed is higher in automated testing compare to manual Testing.

Better Quality: Improves quality of product as automation reduces all Human errors during QA process.

Productivity: Optimise resource usage by reducing the time required to test the case.

Re-usability: Allow testers to reuse library of test assets that can be quickly executed in case of new changes of similar nature.

Coverage: Automation improves efficiency, shorten test cycles, and increases test coverage for repetitive tests.

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