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We offers Manual Testing Services across industry verticals. We employ proprietary methodologies proven by industry, structured processes and best practices in rationalising the testing to find defects early in the product life cycle.

In this process, a tester manually works on the software testing for errors and defects before delivering it in the market. It is a tedious job and consumes a lot of time to completely check every single software/module.

In manual testing a we create a test plan and executes the process. The main aim of manual testing is flawless software and its applicability. The testing team makes sure while testing that the software has been designed to meet customer specifications and requirements. The ultimate goal of a tester is to deliver software of good quality to gain customer satisfaction.

We support Manual Testing for: Windows Application, Web Application, Mobile Application (Android/ Apple/ Windows), Mobile Website, etc.

Manual testing services: Acceptance testing, Integrated testing, Black box testing, White box testing, Unit Testing, Functional Testing, System Testing, Ad-hoc Testing, Usability Testing Sanity Testing, Load Testing, Regression Testing, Smoke Testing, UI (User Interface) Testing Error Handling Testing, Security Testing, Installation Testing

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